Euris Group Office
Established in 2012 in compliance with Shari’ah principles, Euris Group holds various interests in both Luxembourg and overseas. Euris Group is in charge of the administration, development and management of such holdings.

Euris Group also has the capacity to provide financial assistance and support to the undertakings of group companies.

We design sustainable and profitable investment conduits targeting tangible assets, in the real economy. Euris Group aims at standing as a bridge between Europe and the MENA region, channeling investment funds towards innovative asset classes.
We focus on long term investments, and we do it in a Shari’ah-compliant way. From our Islamic hub in Luxembourg, we can reach out to Middle Easter markets, driven by expanding demography and infrastructure development, as well as to European markets, where technology and innovation capacity are highly advanced.
Through our investment platform Euris Equity Partners SCA (a member of Euris Group), we originate cutting edge deals with a highly experienced investment team who can rely on its extensive and influential network globally.