Euris Group Projects
The vocation of Euris Group is the development of Islamic Finance in Luxembourg.

In this context, Euris Group aims at positioning itself as a project management and advisory company.

Our investment platform Euris Equity Partners SCA (a member of Euris Group) is subject to the oversight of a supervisory board.
Euris Group’s landmark project is the establishment of the first fully fledged Islamic private bank in the euro zone, based in Luxembourg.The Bank’s institutional and individual shareholders originate from the Middle East; they are recognized and respected in the the Muslim world and beyond.
Euris Group also aims at further developing the Islamic funds and asset management business in Luxembourg and Europe at large.
It is quite easy to come to the conclusion that the best approach in the context of Luxembourg is to create an Islamic private Bank, the heart of its business being asset and wealth management, for both European and international customers, be they Muslim and not, individuals or institutions. We are hopeful that this project can be completed. Europe and the Middle East, as neighbors, have a lot in common; Euris Group has been established precisely to facilitate financial interaction between them.
It is our responsibility as a citizen company to contribute to the rapprochement of cultures and restore the tarnished business of finance. The market of money is not like any other market, otherwise it would not be regulated. The banks do not use only their money, but are also the trustees of their clients. It is interesting to note that the term “fiduciary” originates from the Latin root “fides” which means both trust (and without trust, no monetary system would be possible) and faith (without which morality cannot likely claim to be universal).
That is all such a project means to convey, and it can only be achieved with sound, reputable partners, on the grounds of a high sense of ethics and uncompromised commitment.