Our aim at Euris Group is to bring sharia-Compliant solutions to institutional or individual clients, that’s why our priority is to ensure that our service offer matches your current and future needs.

You can rely on our team of experts and on our large network of partners to find the solutions that suit you.

  • Training: We can provide, with the support of Academia, tailor-made training programs in Islamic finance, covering the entire spectrum of themes, lines of business and segments of Islamic finance.
  • Fund raising: We can support institutions’ endeavor in raising funds, in the form of equity or debt, from Islamic investors.
  • Structuring: We can design and structure Islamic financial products, be they funds, banking products or sukuk. We rely on a dense network of professional firms, which can supply legal advice and investment banking capabilities.
  • Consulting: We can help conventional financial institutions build and run Islamic windows, and we can also contribute to manage institutions conversion from a conventional setting to an Islamic one
  • Advising: We can provide advisory services to funds and asset managers in managing their Islamic funds or investment vehicles.
  • Servicing: As a fund administration company, we are best placed in Luxembourg and in Europe at large to service Islamic funds from an accounting, regulatory, tax, legal, audit, governance and reporting perspective.
  • Networking: We can easily accompany clients in gaining visibility and momentum within the Islamic financial community, thanks to a rich network of institutional and personal contacts within the industry.
  • Tax optimization and solution implementation.
  • Origination / Due Diligence / Closing & Investment Supervision/Project Management.
  • Wealth and Estate Planning.
  • Corporate services.
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